Shop Small. Shop Local.
Shape Your Community.


Cafe owner holding an open signWhen you shop at independent local businesses, the benefits reach much farther than you realize. You’re not just helping support a small business, you’re shaping the character of your community, provide more quality jobs, lowering taxes and indirectly benefiting local charities too!

Support Your Community.

Several studies have shown that money spent at independent locally owned businesses tend to be spent again at other local businesses. In fact, according to an article in TIME Magazine, each dollar you spend at a small business returns 3 times more money to your community than the same dollar spent at a chain store. Local businesses tend to frequent other local businesses, employ more local people and have a significant impact on the economic base of the community.

Bolster Local Charities.

Independently owned businesses donate more than twice as much of their profits to local charities, non-profits and school/sports teams than big businesses do. Local business owners in many cases live in the same communities where they work, and thus have a greater connection to these important neighborhood assets.

Shape Neighborhood Character.

Small businesses are what make each community unique. Imagine a world where each town has the same 5 chain stores and 0 local businesses, where one town looks like a clone or the next. By supporting them, you help shape the character of your community and make it a more enjoyable place to live.

Create More, Better Jobs.

Small businesses in America are the largest employers across America and provide the most jobs to local residents. But they don’t just employ more people per profit dollar; they’re also the customers of other local businesses (accountants, printers, etc.) – who also hire local residents. So when you support one small business, without even knowing, you’re supporting countless others down the line. And in many cases, independently owned businesses also offer better wages and benefits than the corporate giants so you’re not just creating more jobs, you’re helping to create better jobs for the people in your ‘hood.

Get Better Service.

Small businesses tend to hire people with a better sense of community who will take more time to get to know you as a customer. In many cases, the person you’ll be dealing with is the business owner themselves. Your satisfaction IS their livelihood and they take that very personally.

Lower Taxes!

Local businesses require a lot less infrastructure and put a lot less demand on our roads, sewers and public safety services. They also generate a greater percentage of tax revenue per sales dollar. This means, they not only contribute more money to the community but also take less away from our cities budgets than their larger counterparts.

Greater Selection, Lower Prices.

Local retailers customize their merchandise (or menu) to cater to the community they’re in while the big box stores make decisions on a national level, effectively limiting, or choosing for you, what merchandise they think you should buy. And while that pair of jeans at Wal-Mart may cost you less today, having a marketplace made up of many of small businesses is the best way to foster innovation and competition and helps keep prices low for the long-haul.

Need More Reasons? 

We could go on all day about the environmental benefits, the many studies that show the strong correlation between the percentage of small businesses to the overall health of the local residents, community well-being and happiness, and countless other reasons that small businesses really do make the world go round. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to shop local, share local and maybe even start your own small business here in Eagle Mountain, Lehi and Saratoga Springs!

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